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Wellness Australia Group have a volunteering program that enables people to be part of something much bigger than yourself.

At Wellness Australia Group Volunteering provides the opportunity for you to be part of ground-breaking research in improving the lives of people living with a disability through neuroplasticity and creating inclusive communities.

Volunteering | Wellness Australia Group

Giving the gift of your time

In today’s world, one of the biggest gifts we can give is time, and through this time volunteers state it is the most rewarding time they spend in their week.

Why not ...


  • share your skills and experience

  • be connected and part of an inclusive community

  • learn from others and gain insight through different perspectives

  • make a positive impact in the lives of others

  • kick-start a new career​

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Known benefits of volunteering

  • Can bring meaning and purpose to your life


  • Provides a sense of achievement


  • Provides work experience if you are trying to secure a job


  • Help you feel better about yourself by improving your self-esteem and confidence


  • Can also relieve stress and alleviate symptoms of depression


  • You will have a positive impact on your community and the lives of those you connect with

Added benefits of volunteering

  • Volunteers are 27% more likely to find a job after being out of work when compared to non-volunteers 


  • Volunteers without a high school certificate are 51% more likely to find employment when compared to those who do not volunteer 


  • Volunteering helps to combat depression – a major contributing factor to depression is isolation and volunteering encourages consistent interactions with others


  • Volunteering can help to increase someone’s self confidence and self-esteem – by volunteering, you are being a part of something that’s bigger than yourself, and actively making the lives of others easier – if that does not make someone feel good, what will?


  • According to recent research conducted by the CDC, volunteering, especially among older people, can help to reduce mortality rates and help people live more fulfilling, longer lives – volunteering has also been shown to combat the symptoms of chronic pain, and even heart disease

Access to wellbeing activities

As part of the Wellness Australia Group volunteer program you will also receive complimentary access to all the wellbeing activities such as yoga, meditation, bush walks, fishing, music concerts, photography, candle making, art workshops (and this is just the start of the list).

Wellness activities

Types of volunteering

One-off Projects


One off time limited with a specific outcome.

Ongoing Projects


Regular set hours and time each week / fortnight / month (minimum 3 hours per fortnight) such as:


  • Community visitor – playing board games, going for a walk, reading to someone, having a cup of tea / coffee, listening and sharing stories

  • Maintenance / Groundskeeping assistance – from changing light bulbs, minor maintenance tasks to assisting with blowing leaves off paths



Sharing a specific skill, knowledge or experience through workshops or event (could be regular, adhoc or a once off) such as:


  • Craft classes – knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, pottery, painting

  • Woodworking

  • Mechanical

  • Carpentry

  • Sports – tennis, basketball, volleyball, hiking

  • Photography

  • Music – guitar lessons, singing

  • Holistic therapies – yoga, meditation, massage, stretching

  • Cooking


Corporate / Group


Where there is a group of people coming over and assisting with a specific outcome identified.

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Rewards for Volunteering

Whilst there are many benefits to volunteering Wellness Australia Group provide additional rewards for people who contribute to our communities. These benefits include:


  • Complimentary staycations at any of the Wellness Australia Group communities for up to 7 nights per year including Honeybee Wellness Retreat in the beautiful Mary Valley, Esk Mountain View Lodge or PA Apartments in Brisbane


  • Exclusive offers throughout the year

Why volunteer?

​All Wellness Australia Group team members can work, rest and play at any of the Wellness Australia Group’s owned communities.


Wellness Australia Group prides itself on providing the best possible support to customers, their families and support workers, and our team members. We are all interdependent on the success of each other.


Wellness Australia Group value every team member and provide individual pathways for each team member to reach their career goals.


Wellness Australia Group recognises that whilst what we are doing is so very important, we also need to have fun whilst we achieve our goals and assist our customers in reaching theirs. Everyone should have fun!

As part of Wellness Australia Group, every team member agrees to:

  • Assist in creating inclusive welcoming spaces across the Wellness Australia Group

  • Lead the way in building Wellness Australia Group positive team culture

  • Assist in ensuring that all processes and policies, legislation and regulations have been followed and if there are any identified risks or areas of concern to forward to Care Manager / General Manager

  • As part of continuous improvement, identify any challenges or opportunities providing proactive solutions / ideas to Care Manager and General Manager

  • Be respectful of every person and property, being mindful and understanding of each person’s situation

  • There is zero tolerance to bullying, discrimination or gossip

  • Agree to random drug and alcohol testing

  • Work within legislation of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

  • Complete all reports and documentation for each shift as required

  • Report any incidents within the timeframes required

  • Ensure the safety of all Wellness Australia Group Staff, Guests / Participants, Volunteers and Stakeholders at all times

  • Identify and advise of any training required

  • Have fun!

Volunteering requirements

  • Queensland Yellow and Blue Cards

  • NDIS Workers Screening Card

  • Federal Police Check

  • Current First Aid & CPR

  • Comply with government mandated vaccine requirements

  • Any other legal requirements relating to the role

So what are you waiting for …

Get to it, don’t delay, get on your way to Volunteering with Wellness Australia Group today!

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