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     Gunabul Homestead

                        Gunabul Homestead​

                        9 Power Road

                        Gympie, Qld 4570

Gunabul Homestead is located just south of Gympie.

Gunabul 2.png

Programs & Services

  • Gunabul Homestead is one of the few golf courses in the Gympie region developed with forethought for golfers of all abilities.

  • Our 3 cabins are all wheelchair accessible and are both very comfortable and practical for all guests, and are set up to cater well for families, people living with a disability and seniors.

  • Our golf course, being built with grass bunkers rather than sand, allows the beginner to have the opportunity to play well, whilst our small greens test the finest players.

  • STA  –  Short term accommodation.

  • Carer retreats and respite

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