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The emphasis in our inclusive environments is on having a community designed for people living with disability and supporting residents to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Wellness Australia Group provides daily activities that people on NDIS can attend (under capacity building skills or independent living skills or social / community engagement activity). Other members of the community can also participate on a fee-for-service basis.

Programs | Wellness Australia Group

Three key aspects underpin our communities


Integration of disability support, health, wellness and lifestyle programs;


Inclusion of the Participant's families, support workers and key health professionals; and


Following the Blue Zone principles, based on those few so-called blue zone communities with the highest life expectancies and quality of life in the world, focusing on finding meaning, connection with others and with the environment, healthy diet, exercise, and wellness programs as part of a full lifestyle package.

Programs | Wellness Australia Group

We integrate disability support with health, wellness and lifestyle activities in a beautiful, inclusive environment for people with disabilities, their families and carers.


Our community living principles are:


  • Focus on kindness – random acts of kindness are integrated into activities of daily living

  • Respect for nature

  • Connection to others – living and working together

  • Inclusivity and celebrating diversity – communities that actively embraces all abilities

  • Fun – sport, recreation, creativity and quality of life

  • Meaning – through personal values, employment and meaningful interaction

JAM – Joy through Art and Music

Art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, guided mindfulness with a variety of instruments such as harp, Native American flute and sound bowls.

WTF – Wellness That’s Fun

Short term programs focusing on recreation and sport, including basketball, pickle-ball, kayaking, swimming and cycling.

Respite Services (STA)

Respite, education, wellness and self-care activities to refresh, develop resilience and find joy, for family and carers (paid and unpaid)

KALM – Kindness, Affective Learning & Mindfulness

Short term programs for families and support workers to build resilience, prevent burn-out and empower the carers to care for themselves

Programs | Wellness Australia Group
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