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BEST life!

Wellness Australia Group

Who we are

Wellness Australia Group embodies an inclusive positive culture that exemplifies kindness and respect to all whilst having a lot of fun, in a safe environment, looking after the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.


Wellness Australia Group's wish is for all people to live their best life, making the ordinary, extraordinary.

Our dedicated team of professionals has worked on the dream of creating inclusive
communities for many years and we are excited to see this unique vision become a reality, providing safe, supportive and inclusive environments in which people can thrive.

We proudly provide safe, supportive & inclusive environments

Wellness Australia Group | South East Queensland

Our mission

Wellness Australia Group's mission is to improve the quality of life of people living with disability and their families by providing integrated care, wellness and lifestyle programs in inclusive communities set in beautiful locations.

Our vision

We concentrate on natural beauty, quality accommodation, nutritious and delicious food, and fun, purposeful activities. All Participants are encouraged to follow their passion and work towards their goals including training and employment. Wellness Australia Groups partners with like-minded organisations to create employment pathways, with capacity-appropriate jobs being offered to all. Our communities are akin to small towns, with all the jobs that a small town has and Participants are offered employment in line with Australian Modern Awards.

Programs, services & activities

  • SIL – Supported Independent Living: In your home or ours

  • STA – Short Term Accommodation: At any of our resort-style properties

  • ILO – Independent Living Options

  • Wellness activities – We offer a variety of activities to keep the mind and body active and healthy, delivered in partnership with trusted organisations and services (Capacity Building or Community Participation)

  • Passion2Purpose Co-op – Creatives of all abilities making and selling their crafts and providing a real life training space for people to learn new skills and develop their passion into purpose

  • Carer retreats and respite

  • Capacity building and independent living skills 

  • Day programs, group events and camps

Wellness Australia Group | South East Queensland

Disability support with a difference

Wellness Australia Group provides integrated, all-inclusive communities, throughout South East Queensland for people of all abilities with a focus on wellness not illness and ability not disability, encompassing:

  • Integrated disability supports, wellness and lifestyle programs

  • Community care, advocacy, family and vocational services – available for all

  • Education – for Participants, family, professionals

  • Research – providing an evidence-based approach to disability supports

  • Sport and recreation – key components of health and wellbeing

  • Employment opportunities – working towards 100% employment for Participants

  • Wellness programs – for Participants, family and professionals

Our Partners

Partnering with universities, NDIA, disability non-government organisations (NGOs), patient advocacy NGOs, community programs and government, Wellness Australia Group works closely with the following:

  • Empower Golf Australia

  • Gold Coast Recreation and Sport Inc

  • Honeybee Creative

  • Case Management

  • Holistic Lifestyle Services

  • Taste of Croatia

Empower Golf Australia
Gold Coast Recreation & Sport Inc
Holistic Lifestyle Services


Honeybee Creative

Wellness Australia Group respects the special place our nation’s first people hold in our communities and encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people living with a disability, LGBTIQA+ community, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and of mature age. Wellness Australia Group is committed to creating social change and inclusive opportunities for everyone.

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